Bamboo Socks

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

When you think of bamboo, various people are under the tree. The famous bamboo tree J However, bamboo is not just a tree. It is also for a sock. It is a sock with a soft texture and pleasant to wear. Bamboo socks, which can also be produced individually, are very soft and antibacterial socks.

Why Should You Wear Bamboo Socks?

Bamboo fabric is softer than even the softest fabrics. Air permeable feature allows your foot to breathe comfortably. Nose parts are seamless. Bamboo trees are 100% organic for natural applications. Consider the look and touch of the socks. We look like silk and cashmere. Our socks that we produce are not allergic to the skin. It is extremely durable. They do not sweat with special knitting technique, your foot breathes easily. Heel and toe parts have 2 layers of knit. Thanks to its special rubber structure, it does not tighten your ankles.

How to Choose Bamboo Socks?

It looks a lot like viscose and modal yarns. Therefore, distinguishing bamboo socks is somewhat distorted. However, we can give a few tips. A real bamboo has a fairly matte finish. Makes easy pubescence. Being soft shouldn't deceive you because it is possible to soften socks with washing methods due to different washing. It is recommended to buy bamboo yarn from specially certified and reliable socks brands.

Non-Sweating Bamboo Socks

Bamboo Socks Models and Types

Customized men and women bamboo socks

Nose parts are seamless, 2 layers of knitting are available.

You can choose all high quality, suitable and suitable socks models.

Bamboo Yarn is specially certified for the production of bamboo socks.

You can find fun socks, funny socks, cool socks, happy socks, no show socks, ankle socks, colorful socks on Oh My Socks. You can check Women's SocksMen's Socks and Baby & Kids' Socks on our website.

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