Why is Foot Health Important?

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Our feet are the organs that carry us throughout the day and throughout our lives. Therefore, the consequences of an outpatient problem should be considered in advance and necessary foot care should be performed.

What do you need to know about foot health?

People take an average of ten thousand steps a day. If you are in a more active profession or if you are doing trekking and hiking activities, this number can double or triple. We must take care of our feet, which bear the burden of us for a lifetime and choose the best quality socks and shoes. Socks made with cotton yarn will be the right choice here.

Foot Health and Socks Selection

Frequent washing of the feet and changing socks daily are among the issues to be considered. For this reason, soft and seasonal socks should be chosen. The motivation of the people who have foot health problems will decrease during the day and their work will start to be tormented.

Recommendations for Foot Health

It should be paid attention that the socks and shoes to be worn are not narrow and flexible. If you work at a desk, you should take short tours during the day and speed up your body's blood flow. With this movement, the feet will open and relief will be felt. Thin socks should be preferred in the summer season. If socks are not worn, the feet will develop sweating. This sweating brings bad smell and callus problems. At the end of the day, we should wash our feet with warm water and dry them well. Foot care should be done with soap, shampoo, and gel. Finally, we should wait for a minute by sewing our feet. This movement will relieve tiredness during the day and accelerate foot circulation. Nail cutting and filing should be done once a week. If there is dead skin, it should be filed.


In the winter season, thermal pantyhose can be worn without sweating. The health of the feet, which are free from dead skin, with a fungal problem, can be protected with pantyhose models. When purchasing socks, it should be ensured that they do not breathe, will not shrink, and shrink after washing.

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