Let Your Socks be the Reason to Smile

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

People generally do not like Mondays. Because it is the day of starting work. But we love it. It is important to us. It represents a new beginning. Don't you think it's beautiful? So I wear my best clothes on Mondays. I buy and dress one of my colorful socks, funny socks, designed socks.

You set off to go to work, for example, you took the metro. Lots of people going to work on the subway like you slept late on Sunday night and were sleepless there. In such an environment, people often look at different places to avoid eye contact and not talking to anyone. Show your colorful socks to those who look at your feet!

While all this is going on, someone with a syndromic face is staring at your feet and thinking. He notices your colorful socks, but at the first moment, he doesn't understand what it is. This time he leaves thoughts to examine his socks. He realizes the situation in a few minutes, and what is that :) a little smile put on his face :) and you are smiling at him.

Let your socks be the reason to smile!

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