Mercerized Socks

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Mercerized is the title given to the process of increasing the stability and softening the texture of the story through some processes. The quality and endurance of the socks produced from mercerized yarn are higher. Mercerized yarns with a silky surface look brighter and show colors clearly. Mercerized socks are a product of choice for women, men, and children's clothing. It can be designed in any color and form. It is suitable for daily use.

Why Choose Mercerized Socks?

There are several reasons why you choose mercerized socks. First of all, mercerized socks are 100% cotton. Secondly, it is natural and healthy. Moreover, It breathes the foot and has a sweat absorbing feature. The other reason to pick mercerized socks is it is stylish. At last but not least, it shows colors clearly.

Mercerized Socks Selection

It is used in the production of mercerized women's socks, men's socks, and children's socks. The technique of touching the socks and the raw material of the yarn it touches are very important when choosing socks that are the most basic clothing to protect foot health. Keeping socks that breathe and do not sweat in the summer, keep warm in winter, and adapt to the weather conditions will help you protect your foot health. The yarn and weaving technique that the sock touches determines the quality. You can understand the quality socks in its soft texture, the rubberized parts do not wrap and the nose parts are not fully seated.

Which Yarn Types are Made from Mercerized Socks?

Many types of yarns are used in mercerized socks production. The most common among these are bamboo, modal, viscose, wool, cashmere, and angora yarns. All these yarns are produced from 100% natural sources.

Modal Socks or Bamboo?

Different yarns have different properties, you can choose them by purchasing socks. Modal yarns are a type made of beech wood and have the feature of being resistant to wear. It does not feather. It can be preferred for comfort as it has a soft texture. Bamboo threads are a type of thread with anti-bacterial and anti-allergenic properties. It helps prevent the smell of sweat. It's moisture absorption is very good and it has a breathing structure. It can be used in summer and winter.

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