Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Our feet are the organ that receives the least air and sweats most in our body. Especially, when closed shoes are worn, it is sure that the feet are exposed to serious sweating. Of course, although sweat is an important defense mechanism of the body, it is a big quadrant for bacteria and can malignant due to the qualities of many harmful shoes and socks, especially fungi, which can easily develop in poor quality environments.

There are many types of synthetics. Poor quality synthetics, which constitute the habitats of bacteria, are the primary factor that makes your feet smell. Under normal conditions, everyone tends to sniff. It is unlikely that a foot that does not smell biologically exists. It can be mentioned the factors that trigger this situation. While some of us change socks frequently and prevent bacteria from nesting here, some of us prepare the inevitable end by not changing the poor quality socks for a very long time.

Sweat, which is moisture, is a very productive habitat for bacteria. Poor quality synthetics, which are plastics, can create a more efficient environment for bacteria. For this reason, you should be sure of this feature of the socks you buy. Also, the importance of changing socks daily should be underlined at this point. Dirty socks can cause permanent bacterial nesting in your shoes, even if they are newly purchased, they can turn into a bacterial nest in a short time, and treatment such as mushrooms can lead to quite troubled processes. By purchasing as much as possible from affordable and quality socks, you can change it regularly and reduce the risk of smell and infection to zero.

You can protect the foot health of both your family and your customers by purchasing high-quality socks that protect foot health.

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