Socks: More Than Just a Simple Accessory!

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Socks are always on our feet regardless of the season. Apart from keeping them warm days, they always have a function to add a different style to masculine-feminine style in men and women. Thanks to their ability to combine colors and fabrics in general, they deserve to be one of the cornerstones of elegance. Therefore, they do not lose their importance in any period of fashion. Socks are products used to reduce the contact of the feet, which is one of the small organs that perform a great task of human anatomy. But is this the only function? Since we are obliged to protect our feet, why shouldn't we provide them with a more look?

Despite this fact, it seems surprising that many men do not pay attention to this vital accessory to best carry a garment on it. Socks can make a sneaker or classic men's shoe look and be noticeable on the spot. Choosing the right pair of socks creates serious differences in how you look and feel.

You wear them on your feet every day and you forget that they are there, of course, if your foot is comfortable, if the compatibility with your shoes is good enough. If you have chosen a bad sock in every sense for you, your mind will always be on your feet and your feet as much as possible. There are many ways you can understand that the stocking is wrong for us: they don't wrap your wrist tightly, that no-show socks slip in your shoes, or hate the pattern that pops from under your pants.

Socks are often considered to be unskilled elements that do not appear under long trousers. However, this is not the case. If you think so, you have missed a big point that will make a difference in your style. If you have not thought about how to match your socks and shoes until now, you can close this gap with our article. Now, with which shoes, how can we match a sock, let's see this…

How to Pair Men's Socks with Shoes?

This week's guide focuses on socks, but we will never think of them as an actor alone. How many times did we buy a pair of socks and then when we went to our house, we discovered that that color sock never actually fits with any of our pants and shoes? Now we put an end to this disappointment. We will explain which examples you can match which shoes with which socks.

How Should Socks Be Chosen For Francine / Oxford Shoes?

This first issue is the easiest ever regarding shoe selection. Oxford shoes for men are often combined with dresses that are bluish or gray tones, sometimes brown shades are also chosen for the strangest choices. In this case, the best socks to be chosen among the socks will be among the classics: socks produced from soft yarns or using mercerized cotton. They can be smooth or ribbed. The fact that they are the same color as your dress and shoes will add a different look to your look. So what are the possible mistakes in this combination? Of course, wearing a very short pair of socks or ignoring the elasticity of the socks. The appearance of the ankle while sitting on the shoes you wear with Oxford shoes is one of the worst images that will come to mind.

How Should Be The Sock Selection For Derby Shoes?

Compared to Oxford shoes, Derby shoes can take a more informal approach. This means you can use your imagination more to match your derby shoes and socks. The socks you choose with these classic shoes can have dotted views, colorful lines, or the most detailed jacquard patterns, beautiful and iconic designs. The socks you choose will help to skillfully alleviate the British personality and authoritarian look that derby shoes carry.

How To Choose Socks For Sneakers And Sneakers?

Sneakers and sneakers appear to be one of the areas where you can be free to choose your socks. But not always. The most repellent of white socks, the shortest of short socks always seems to be combined with sneakers. The choice of socks should be chosen according to the place where the sneakers will be used since sneakers can now be worn not only in a sporty style and outfit but also in jeans and even informal situations where the rules are mandatory.

Do not make a quick choice about socks that you will use with sneakers and do not wear the first socks that you get. Take a good look at the pros and cons of a conspicuous design, choose your personality and always ask yourself this question: Do I want to present a different image, or do I prefer a more serious look?

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