What Are Thermal Socks, What Are Its Properties?

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Thermal Socks are a type of socks developed to prevent the feet from getting cold. Thermal socks vary according to the methods and materials used in the production of socks.

The numerous important feature of thermal socks are; it forms an air gap between cold air and the skin and acts as a defense. This gap is due to the production of acrylic fibers by creating air gaps. In this way, body temperature appears maintained at the same value. With the “towel” knitting technique we use in production, we provide extra heat attitude, and thus, we add thermal properties to our socks.

A lot of Canadians prefer thermal socks during winter. Because of the weather conditions, thermal socks are becoming a lifesaver! If you have not got thermal socks yet, probably you will need promptly in winter.

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